a personal approach to Weaving and Dye Workshops 

Weaving and Dye Studio and School

 Bittermilk Studio Gallery Opening, Dec 10, 2017   I can't wait!

As in the past, profits from my workshops continue to go to animal charities 

who have a greater need.

My workshops and presentations include:

Beginning Weaving - Level  I 
In this basic workshop, you will learn how to ‘dress’ a weaving loom, and you’ll weave a simple, but elegant scarf.  Table looms will be provided to you and you will be given a choice of warp yarns and colors, already on the loom and nearly ready to start weaving. 

Beginning Weaving - Level  II
In this workshop you will learn how to plan a weaving project, determine 
appropriate yarns, wind a warp, dress your loom, and carry your 
project to completion, with supervision and guidance.  It's recommended that you 
register for any of the Level I courses first and that you contact me beforehand to discuss 
your plans.  You must know the basics. 


Beginning Weaving - Level  I & II 
Saturdays, March 4, 11   2017
Skagit Valley  College, Mt Vernon Campus 
www.skagit.edu          or call       360-416-7600

RAGS Wearable Art Sale
March 9-12, 2017
Tacoma, WA
Please join us for this once/year wearable art sale. Fabulous!

Dye Techniques for Weavers - Painting Warps
Deflected Doubleweave
Bend, OR
April, 2017

June and July
ANWG 2017 Conference in Victoria, BC

October 9
Skagit Valley Weavers Guild 
I will be presenting
Take your Weaving to the Next Level 
with Computerized Drafting

Fibers and Beyond Annual Conference and Sale
I will be teaching:
Crackle Weave - Mysteries and Magic
Warp Painting  - Your One of a Kind Art Scarf
I will also be selling scarves, shawls, kitchen linens and table runners
sponsored by the Whatcom Weavers Guild and Jansen Art Center
October 12-14, 2017

Fiber Fusion Northwest
I will be teaching 
*Dye Techniques  for Spinners
*Felting Wearables - Mittens and Booties
Monroe, WA
October 19-22, 2017

October 26 
Seattle Weavers Guild
I will be presenting my guild program 
Loom Maintenance, Repair and Restoration

Seattle Weavers  Guild Public Sale - October 27-28

November 17
Olympia Weavers Guild
I will be presenting my guild program 
Loom Maintenance, Repair and Restoration

Beginning Weaving Levels I & II , Skagit Valley College

(Mount Vernon Campus)
This class will cater to both the very beginner and students

 from our previous weaving classes. 

Saturday  11/18, Saturday 12/3  

Dye Techniques for Spinners


Dye Techniques for Knitters


Dyeing for a Self-Striping Sock Yarn


Dye Techniques for Weavers 


all of the above can be structured for a 6 hour workshop to 

suit the individual craft and fibers

Painting for an Artisan Scarf

If you're a weaver looking for a new technique to take you to that next level, consider starting your own line of painted fashion scarves using an extremely easy method to paint your warps.


Photos from some of my 2017 Workshops: 

Warp Painting (Monica Jacobsen), Dyeing for the Spinners Stash, and Felting Mitts and Booties

Deflected Double Weave
This has proven to be a very popular workshop that can be accomplished in a two-day class.  Students will be given drafts well in advance in order to wind  a warp and dress their own loom.  This workshop is conducted in  a round-robin format. 

 'Loom Maintenance, Repair and Restoration'  Presentation

I've been in the side-business of restoring old looms for years and have encountered nearly every make and model, and shared my tips in a Handwoven 2011 'My Space' article.  It's a shame to see a good loom sit idle for want of a tune-up or a new part.  This is a program designed for weavers' guilds and groups.  

Double Weave is the easiest thing to learn, but it's probably better to take a workshop for your first go at it. One warp and we go thru nine different techniques to play with. Double layers, double cloth, windows, laces, little stuffed pillows within the cloth....

Crackle Weave - Mysteries and Magic.  This class is comprised of fundamentals of the crackle structure, drafting using computer enhanced draw-downs (and a solid intro to computer drafting) , and hands on weaving using a multitude of treadling combinations.   You'll learn something of twills, summer&winter, overshot and lace in the process.   Plan on two 6- hour days for this workshop.

A History of Baskets and Basket Making 

Baskets are one of the few ancient crafts that cannot be replicated by a machine. 

I have presented this program and workshop to several guilds in Colorado and to the Colorado State University museum group.  Below are the results of three of my workshops in Colorado.

Fundamentals of Yarn Construction for the Hand Spinner 

This 6-8 hour workshop includes Wheel Mechanics, Fiber Processing, and Yarn Construction/Analysis. It's a lot to cover in one session, but is invaluable for spinners who need a solid review of their wheel and their skills in order to take their spinning to the next level.   Fussy wheels are especially encouraged. 

I always offer one-on-one tutorials in my small studio and will 

design a course just for your individual interests. 

I have workshop looms and wheels available for your use.  

My work has appeared (or will appear*) in Interweave Press publications
2018 Handwoven, Project Article, Jan. issue*
2017 Handwoven, Yarn Lab, Nov Issue
2017 Handwoven, Yarn Lab, Jan issue 
2016  Handwoven, Yarn Lab,  May Issue
2015  Handwoven, Yarn Lab,  Nov Issue
WeavingToday.com   - numerous guest blogs

I've presented programs, workshops, seminars, or judged for the following hosts


Fibers & Beyond annual Weavers Conferences

Harmony Fields Organic Farm, Bow

Fiber Fusion all-Fiber Conference

NWRSA Conference, Tacoma
 Skagit Valley Weavers Guild 
Whatcom Weavers Guild
Skagit Valley College
Skagit Spinners

Central Oregon Weavers and Spinners Guild
~Bend and Sisters, OR~

Northern Colorado Weavers Guild 
The Estes Park Wool Market 
Colorado State University
Poudre River Art Center
Global Village Museum 
Spring Creek Gardens 
Whole Foods Market 
Steamboat Springs 
Glenwood Springs 
City of Fort Collins  
Boulder County  
Indigo Threads
Weld County  

Other Locations
 Utah State University 
 In Sheeps' Clothing/Cowgirl Yarns, Laramie, WY 

My Affiliations

Association of Northwest Weavers' Guilds
Membership Chair (as of June 2016)

Skagit Valley Weavers Guild

Whatcom Weavers Guild

Whidbey  Weavers Guild

Seattle Weavers Guild

Complex Weavers

Montana Association of Weavers and Spinners

Northwest Regional Spinners Association

Northern Colorado Weavers Guild

Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild

Hand Weavers Guild of Boulder (Colorado)