a personal approach to Weaving and Dye Workshops 

Weaving and Dye Studio and School

Looms in my Weavers' Way Studio

Harrisville 8S Weaving Loom
Gilmore Gem 8S Weaving Loom
Toika Loom dedicated to Rug Weaving
My Weaving

I am a small, private studio located approximately 

3 miles west of Burlington, Washington, and just a couple of miles east of Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands.  

My studio is home to several floor and table looms: my Harrisville 8 shaft, which was my first loom.  The second is my Toika 12 shaft from Finland, which stands 6X6X6, 450 pounds, and is designed for heavy-duty rug weaving, an 8 shaft Baby Wolf, and an 8 shaft Gilmore Gem -  fine testaments  to small-but-reliable, mobile weaving.  

 4 harness table looms are reserved for workshops.  

We're so happy to be here among tulip, strawberry, potato, and wheat fields - thanks to the growers who supply flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other produce to the 

beautiful Skagit Valley and beyond.