a personal approach to Weaving and Dye Workshops 

Weaving and Dye Studio and School

My handwoven scarves (silk, Tencel, bamboo, milk and soy), are available through CLASSIC STYLE and COMPANY, womens' boutique in Anacortes. 

Gallery West, Old Fairhaven District of Bellingham, now carries my rugs and rep table runners.  

I dye my own painted warps for scarves and homegoods. If you have an interest in a painted warp, lets talk.   

If your group would like to consider hosting one of my workshops, give me a call, and we can work out logistics for your location

As in Colorado, I will again work on looms, rehabbing, refitting, cleaning and revitalizing.  If you have an 'old dame' needing love and attention, or just a good tune-up to make her sing again, I can do that for you.  A good weaving loom is a terrible thing to waste.

Weavers Way  Studio

Liz Moncrief

Phone:  970-692-3949

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3 miles west of 

Burlington, WA