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2024 - 25 Teaching or Program Schedule


January 20, 2024

Mid Atlantic Fiber Association

Weaving Loom Compendium

zoom session

February 1, 8, 15, 2024

Mid Atlantic Fiber Association

The Marvelous World of Computer Drafting 

zoom session


March 15, 2024

Olympia Weavers Guild

Intro to Computer Drafting

March 16, 2024

Olympia Weavers Guild

Weaving Loom Compendium

November 9, 2024

Vermont Weavers Guild

Weaving Loom Compendium

February 8, March 22, 2025

Etobicoke Handweavers Guild,  Toronto

The Marvelous World of Computer Drafting

Sessions 1 & 2

April 19, 2025

Whatcom Weavers Guild

Computer Design/

Here are a couple of photos from just some of my workshops, in person and virtual. 

As in the past, my tutoring and workshop fees go to animal charities who have a greater need. 

Painting for an Artisan Scarf - in person workshop

If you're a weaver looking for a new technique to take you to that next level, consider starting your own

line of painted fashion scarves using an extremely easy method to paint your warps.

Liz says 'I guarantee that computer drafting will change your life' if you're a weaver, either new or seasoned and no matter how many shafts you work with.  It’s an easy transition from ‘recipe’ weaving with weaving magazines and books to being a true creator and owning your own designs.   


*This 3-part workshop will allow beginning computer drafters the time and patience to comfortably enter the world of weave drafting at minimal cost and with the confidence to start designing immediately.  I use FiberWorksPCW and participants can use a ‘demo’ download at no cost, though the tools used are universal for most drafting programs. We will review basic tools, then develop templates and apply patterns and colors in the first 2-hour session.  

 *The second 2-hour session will introduce utilizing designs from other resources and applying the concepts of turning a draft, networking, and use of the intermediate tools for more advanced work. 

 *The last 2-hour session will utilize upper-level tools like profiling and block substitution, digitizing, telescoping, and interleaving. 


Participants will have time to practice and play between these sessions so that they can be prepared to make the best use of their newly acquired talents. 


If your guild  members aren't ready to jump in to weave drafting, I'm also offering  a one-hour   program to incentivise your members to take the plunge.  

I've been in the side-business of restoring old looms for years and have encountered nearly every make and model, and shared my tips in Handwoven magazine articles. It's a shame to see a good loom sit idle for want of a tune-up or a new part. This is a program designed for weavers' guilds and groups. I also consult and give guidance if you want to buy or sell equipment and I usually know most of the market resources.   

This can easily be given as an in-person or Zoom Program

WEAVING  LOOM COMPENDIUM:  Loom Maintenance, Repair and How to Make Your Loom Work  with You

Double Weave

Double Weave is the easiest thing to learn, but it's probably better to take a workshop for your first go at it. One warp and we go thru nine different techniques to play with. Double layers, double cloth, windows, laces, little stuffed pillows within the cloth....

In-person workshop only

Crackle Weave - Mysteries and Magic. This class is comprised of fundamentals of the crackle structure, drafting using computer enhanced draw-downs (and a solid intro to computer drafting) , and hands on weaving using a multitude of treadling combinations. You'll learn something of twills, summer&winter, overshot and lace in the process. Plan on two 6- hour days for this workshop. 

In-person workshop only 

I always offer one-on-one tutorials and can

design a course just for your individual interests. 


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